All Work and No Play
Is Not Good For The Soul

At least once a year, SIKL members get together to PLAY!!

A committee drums up ‘THE EVENT’ . Some years, we have had incredible planning, some secrecy, lots of food, dress-up, etc., while other years, it has been low-key, with just a fun afternoon of social get-together with our ‘sisters’.

As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words . . .


2020 – Bowling

While we didn’t get any pictures of this, those that attended had a blast. Of course, we had the usual prizes for ‘Highest Points’; and ‘The one that tried the hardest, but didn’t make it past 100 points in a game’; to ‘the one with the most spares in a row but also missed the most spares in a row’; to the one that got the most laughs ‘who couldn’t keep the ball in the lane when it jumped the gutter’. Special thanks for our cheerleader who came only to watch! Great Fun!


2019 – Bowling

We had so much fun this year with teams dressing up for a great afternoon of bowling, that we decided to do it again in 2020. Most had not bowled for over 20 years – interesting moves . . . remember, try to keep the ball between the gutters everyone!


2018 – ‘Get Your Game On’
Board Games and Cards

Get Your Game On

With over 30 games to choose from, who could NOT have fun – from crokinole to dominoes, euchre and Yahtzee,  . . . all accompanied with your usual snacks and drinks . . . made for a really fun Sunday afternoon.


2017 – The Oscars

Oscar Ticket

Held on the same day as The Oscars, what else could we do? Ready for the red carpet, we had a blast as we came dressed as our favourite Oscar-winning character. Our Oscar quiz garnered some die-hard fans!

Oscar Decor2017 – The Oscars Décor
Oscar Party Characters2017 – Two Oscar Party Characters


2016 – The Way We Were

The Way We Were Invitation

Honouring a woman from our childhood, we came dressed as that person – for some it was our mother, grandmother, aunt, and even Rosie the Riveter! Each person brought a baby picture and we guessed (mostly wrong!) on who it was. We had food from the decades of our birth year, from the 30’s to the 80’s; and the most influential history lessons you would ever hear!

The Way We Were2016 – The Way We Were
2016 – The Way We Were


2015 -We ‘sailed’ to our Private Island
and had a Beach Party

Beach Party Invitation

On a very snowy February afternoon, our cruise started with pictures of the passengers through the life buoy, a drink as we entered the ship, and on to the beach where we had sand castle competitions, a pool (with a quacking rubber duckie), and treasures galore. The food was scrumptious in our private dining area.

Cruise2015 – Cruise with complimentary drinks

Beach Party2015 – Beach Party on an island,
guarded by resident skeleton ‘Bones’


2014 – Newton Abbey – Edwardian Tea

(our own Downton Abbey in Lindsay)

The afternoon was complete with wonderful gowns/costumes, hats, gloves, bustles, while enjoying English scones, fancy sandwiches, desserts, and tea served by a ‘parlour maid’.

Newton Abbey invitation2014 – Newton Abbey – Invitation

Newton Abbey Edwardian Tea2014 – Newton Abbey – Cast of Characters

Postcard of Regrets2014 – Newton Abbey – Postcard ‘Regrets from President Jane’ 


2013 – Royal Baby Shower

To honour the birth of Prince George, club members decided to hold a summer luncheon in the park, and invite friends. Being of English persuasion, nothing would do but to have a Fascinator contest. Most were hand crafted, and prizes for given for varying categories. Since this was a baby shower, we gifted the local ‘Pregnancy Centre’ with a car load of clothes, diapers and necessities for clients & their children.

Royal Baby Shower2013 – Royal Baby Shower – Fascinator Winners